The staff of RIM BVI act in accordance with eight core Principles.  These form the foundations of our behaviour:

  1. Integrity; uprightness; honesty; purity
    Integrity is the core principle on which our Principles are based; not so much a value in itself but rather a principle that guarantees all the other Principles.
  2. Belief; self-confidence; intuition; natural judgement; trust
    Belief is essential to our success, as we must believe in ourselves and in our investment process, whilst consistently being tuned to the possibility of improvement.
  3. Courage and the ability to meet danger without succumbing to fear
    Courage enables us to overcome difficulties by ensuring we act with integrity and in accordance with our beliefs, even when to do so is challenging.
  4. Discipline, self-control and an ordered way of life
    Discipline is the core principle of our investment approach; being disciplined creates good habits and these habits produce positive results.
  5. Persistence; continued application; perseverance; determination
    Persistence is willpower; it insures against failure by ensuring we remain steadfast in our objective of consistently delivering excellence in both investment returns and client service.
  6. Gratitude, appreciation of and inclination to return kindness; being thankful
    Gratitude is a sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for all that we have.
  7. Philanthropy; love of mankind; contributing to general welfare
    Philanthropy is our commitment to have a positive influence on society, to protect our environment, and to serve others to the best of our ability.
  8. Humility; modesty; insignificance; respect
    Humility ensures we remain aware of our place in the order of things and seek always to express ourselves through the good service we provide others.

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